Friends of Our Ministry

Roger McFarland

 You can count on me to continue to pray for you and now for the impact of this new ministry. May the Lord use you in a very awesome way to touch and heal the broken lives that are the focus.

Doris Burns

 Wendy, it was such a blessing to visit with you today. It has been a long time and we really enjoyed the visit. Very exciting to hear what God is doing in your life and the places where He is taking you. Doris & Franklin 

Camilla Charles

 Wendi, love your website! I'm excited to see all that God will do through you as you continue to be captivated! 

Christy Scorza

 WOW. I am so proud fo you. In awe and amazement as well. You really never cease to amaze me and I know you give it all to God. I am just so proud for what you are doing and how you are helping others. This is just the beginning Wendi...there are HUGE things in store for you--which means for others that are impacted by you...Much love, Christy 

Susie Payne

 Wendi, I will never forget you speaking at Crossroads! Your openness and transparency was exactly what we needed to hear. Thank you and may the Lord bless your ministry in a great way as I know He will!  

Brandon Smith

 Praise God for the work He has done and is doing in your life my sister. It's an honor to be on this journey with you. It's a privilege to be your brother, both biologically and spiritually. I love you so much. 


 Wendi, your message was so incredibly powerful, freeing and most importantly - God-centered. The need for your message is so great. Stats say that 1 in 3 are affected by sexual abuse alone - how much higher is that number inclusive of the other kinds of abuse? In my circle alone, there are five women that I know of....Thank the Lord you had the courage to be obedient to Him, come forth and speak out for His purposes!! 

Tracey Clarke

 WOW! God is doing EXACTLY what He said He would do....He is finishing a work in and through you that He alone can only do!! I'm so excited to watch and see all the lives that are and will continue to be touched through this ministry. Wendi keep expecting cuz God is pouring forth His blessings down upon you and your family!! Love you! :) 

Don Henderson

 When you would come to our house as a little girl Penny and I would often fear for you and your brothers and sister because of what we suspected you saw but never dreamed you would experience..... But isn't it a comfort to knwo that you have made a difference in lives because of what you went thru... God bless you Wendi. Don 


 I am so proud of you and give praise to our Lord for what He has done and is doing in and through your life. As you may remember, I too know the pain you have experienced and I also know the incredible healing and grace God has for us as we face the pain head on with courage and forgive those who have sinned against us. Bless you on your journey as you live from your redeemed heart in the Spirit of Christ who reigns. 

Dave Smith

It is truly amazing to see that God can change a crushed and shattered heart into a free and teaching spirit as yourself. I myself have been through some things in my life and, by the grace of God, found my way out and have found someone to share and grow with. I hope that what you have experienced helps this special someone in my life and brings her closer to me through our Lord. God speed and God bless you in all that you do! 

Yvonne Merrick

 It's very unfortunate that you have gone through so much pain in your life from those you're supposed to trust the most. God has given you courage and strength to stand up for yourself. And now, God has given you more back bone then most people will ever have. Always look to God he will not fail you. He has brought you through this fire, to help others. I will always be cheering you on and I will always be praying for you! With love, Yvonne 

Kristin Broussard Jones

Wendi, I am so proud of your willingness to turn your pain into a blessing for so many others. Don't worry about the subtraction taking place in your life right now. God is removing things so He can multiply other things. You have no idea the lives you will touch by your stepping out of the boat into some pretty deep water. Bless you as you endeavor to lift up the name of Jesus!! Kristin 

Jan Brendel

 It is such a blessing to know you and see how God is using you in this ministry. I pray that God holds you close and the Holy Spirit empowers you as you testify to the "great things He hath done" in your life. God bless and keep you and your family. You remain in my prayers and I love you dearly. Jan  

James "Buddy" Sheets

 Wendi, what a wonder you are! Look what Jesus and the grace of God has done in your life. Your life and your testimony are a trophy of grace, and an avenue for hope, deliverance, and freedom for so many who were fed the lie that there was no hope for them. I thank God for you and I pray that this site and your story is viewed by many and is used by our glorious, Bridegroom, Judge and King as a means to releasing the glorious life and freedom that is available in Jesus! God bless you, Wendi! 

Don and Kay Kay Balltzglier

 It's been a refreshing experience for KK and I to get to know you Wendi. Our spirits are knit to you and all you are doing.Your trans parency and humility are going to be used to unveil the hurting hearts of thousands inside the walls of the church. It's a new day of healing for many and you are one of the new voices the Father is going to use for his glory.We are looking forward to hearing you share in our church.God Bless! Don Balltzglier 

Kelli Williams

 What a powerful threat you are to the enemy! He wants nothing more than for you to keep your silence so that he can continue to weave a web of shame, disillustion, and hopelessness in the minds of so many people who have given over to the thoughts that there is no way a loving God would allow such craziness in the world. Your testimony shows that the Most Loving and High God may not have authored such, but He allowed it so that the words you bring could help shatter an image in a world where many sins lay in secret. Thank you for allowing God to use you, and following HIM, even when it is not the popular or pleasant thing to do. 

Evangelist Maurice Odhiambo

Hello Wendi, I salute you in the Name of the most High God. One element of emerging victorious in warfare is through the power of testimony. I humbly take this opportunity to thank God for you , being so courageous to open up to many people such a traumatizing ordeal. In our country - Kenya, not many can open up as you did, they soldier on with life regardless of the haunting past. They end up depressed, disoriented. With your powerful and touching testimony, I pray that you be an ambassador of a fresh start to those who still cannot come out in public and testify of such ordeals. My heart-felt prayer is that, with such a testimony, you will reach many grieving, wounded and hurting hearts not just in Kenya but around the world so that you can impart healing to these souls. God bless you Maurice Odhiambo Manna Ministries International